Bob Hulsey - Testimonial

Two weeks ago, I attended the Carolina Mountain Mission with our middle and high school groups.  It was a great spiritual experience that I believe brought everyone closer to the Lord as well as building excitement in service to Him.  This trip was so well organized and the Bible study which Andy gave was very well thought out and enhanced the purpose for which we were there — to Serve.


The young people were pure joy to work with.  There was no grumbling about the long hours and the work for the day.  These kids were there to serve the Lord and they put themselves completely into humble submission each day when we had projects that were arranged to go into the community. Whether we were on a tour of the prison by the local sheriff (who is doing an incredible work for the Lord with inmates and their families) or working at the homeless shelter or painting buildings, the Spirit of the Lord was present and revealing Himself to a lost world through our young people. All of the other 5 churches that attended respected and followed his leadership as I did.


The youth of our church are the future.  I witnessed, first-hand, the power of the Holy Spirit working through Andy and the rest of the youth leadership.  He projects the love of Christ through his instructions and teaching.  He is truly a great man of God and a treasure we have working with our young people.