A Message from the Founder, Andy Pifer

Andy Pifer, Founder of Carolina Mountain Mission

Andy Pifer, Founder of Carolina Mountain Mission

 I am Andy Pifer the Director of Carolina Mountain Mission (CM2) and I want you to know about the best youth mission opportunity out there.

Why is it the best?  Because it was designed by God…this isn’t something I just thought up and decided to do.  The credit goes to our sovereign God who by His infinite grace established and brought success to something you need so desperately to be a part of.

CM2 lends every church an opportunity to stretch their people mentally, physically and spiritually and in doing so provide an avenue not only for service, but to see clearly their need for a savior.  Make no mistake - those who come bless the widow, the homeless and the needy, but what they go away with is a better understanding of who they are in Christ and a vision to do missions in their own backyard.

I have been a Youth Director for 27 years and there is nothing that kills apathy quicker and provides a platform for spiritual renewal better than a carefully designed short term mission trip.

I don’t know about you, but as a youth director that is exactly the ingredient I need as I face another challenging year of youth ministry in this culture.

CM2 has been uniquely designed to be a “turn key” experience.  You just show up and leave the details to us.

Our campus is located 3,000 feet above sea level, just 4 miles north of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It has everything you would expect in a mountain camp.  Beautiful mountains, trout streams, cabins, a large dining hall & meeting places, large fields and swimming holes.  As you can see it has all the amenities a group needs after a long day of working in the community.

The beauty of CM2 is not only the place we stay, but certainly the community we serve.  God has given us a unique relationship with the civil authorities who not only believe in what we are doing, but partner with us in our efforts to reach the needy and the lost.  Last year we served dozens of widows in their homes and worked with over 15 non-profits to meet the needs of the community.

I invite you to come and join the other churches that came this past year to be a part of something God has started and is establishing in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

I believe it is the perfect mix to be stretched as you serve and then renewed as you head back home.

Won’t you come and join us in 2016 !

Andy Pifer
Director of Student Ministries
Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church